Established in 1996 by Mark Podolle, Wireless Ventures is dedicated to providing custom end­point type solutions with hi-tech communication products. The company is based in Burlington, NC.

As a small organization, Wireless Ventures is organized around authentic personal relationships with highly personalized services to meet their clients' communication needs.

Our products enable an easy and reliable flow of information for business operations; paving the way for increased productivity and profitability.

Facilitating business communications means helping people reduce stress and get more done with greater ease. We are proud to serve you this way and we look forward to knowing you better.



About Mark J. Podolle


The principal of Wireless Ventures is Mark J. Podolle, who has lived with his family in central North Carolina for over thirty years. Raised in Scotch Plains, New Jersey; Mark graduated from Florida Southern College in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing/finance.

He then went into the telecommunications business, where he’s been happily ensconced ever since.

Starting with Southwest Communications (Long Distance) in Southwest Florida, then moving on to United TeleSpectrum (Paging) and 360 Communications (Cellular Mobility), Mark set up his own business, specializing in smart headsets (Bluetooth, USB, office headsets), VOIP Business Telephones and cloud solution products, all designed for the SMB and the mid-size business markets.

Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice to text products), SpeechLive and other additional communication products define the terms of mobility and ergonomics that we know today.

Wireless Ventures allows Mark to deepen his explorations into business communications technology. It also brings him daily interactions with others that he especially enjoys.

Mark’s a people ­person: he loves talking to others, getting to know them, learning what makes them tick and what makes them take action. Mark’s love for chatting with all different kinds of individuals means that as a value-added reseller (var), he’s both inspired and inspirational. The fascination also leads Mark to avid reading on the subjects of better business, targeted marketing, and psychology.

Our current age of very real­time transactions presents a host of new opportunities, and Mark is excited about the future. He plans to continue to multiply the ways Wireless Ventures helps his customers communicate better and work smarter. Mark is married to Faryl, and they have two children: Joshua and Leah. Oh yes, and then there’s a third one: Jax their loveable Golden Doodle.